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New Nintendo 3DS

Update: Sorry for many of those keen on the New Nintendo 3DS – Nintendo‘s update towards the 3DS household has been discontinued, if you can nevertheless get hold of the larger-screened New Nintendo 3DS XL or somewhat cheaper New 2DS XL, both of that are nevertheless alive and throwing. To mourn just what was previously, nonetheless, you are able to read our initial report on the 2014 system below.

For everything it can well, Nintendo does not do it self numerous favours with regards to conventions that are naming. After the messy and messaging that is confused of Wii U therefore the maybe even more confusing 2DS, it is now gone and called its latest 3DS the New Nintendo 3DS.

To increase the confusion, there are two main models that are different a standard New 3DS and the New 3DS XL. Why the distinction? The New 3DS proper comes with interchangeable faceplates, while the New 3DS XL sports a larger screen.

Just looking you wouldn’t be able to tell much difference between these and their prior form at them, though. It’s less of the issue for the severe gamers and Nintendo peanuts, but also for the moms and dads that are away to get their kid a bithday present… well, you can observe the situation.


But the New 3DS is really brand new. The alterations may well not straight away hit you – many are underneath the bonnet – nevertheless the handheld has withstood lots of useful tweaks. From the addition associated with the right-stick near the face area buttons and much more effective internals towards the interchangeable faceplates, there are lots of worthwhile tweaks that justify the update.


I’ve Never had a nagging problem with the design of the 3DS and, clearly, neither has Nintendo. The clamshell shape is as familiar as ever, although it has been bumped up a smidge in size to accommodate a slightly larger display.

New 3DS review

As An bonus that is added Nintendo has provided the effectiveness of interchangeable faceplates to the smaller model. Nintendo delivered me personally an extremely attractive Luigi someone to decide to try however you will have huge selection to select from (Japan currently has 40) if you fancy some customisation that is added. Why this is absent on the XL is a bit of a mystery to me – again, I imagine it comes down to market research.

The System itself also comes in a true amount of designs and tints. There’s the classic Red/Black and Blue/Black combinations, but Nintendo in addition has established or currently launched Pokemon-themed variations, Lime Green, Pink and Galaxy-themed iterations of this handheld too.

New 3DS review

Open it and, once again, it’s really a sight that is familiar. As a nice touch that is little the face area buttons now replicate the tints of these regarding the SNES controller. But the biggy is the one we have been waiting on for much too long – an additional analogue stick.

Don’t be tricked by that puny-looking grey nib that’s sprouted regarding the right hand part – it’s really a fully-fledged C-stick with the capacity of 360 degree motion. It seems rigid but it is interestingly painful and sensitive. During my time playing Majora’s Mask it worked incredibly for managing the camera that is in-game. Much of that is down to the placement that makes thumb-jumping between face buttons and analogue stick super easy.

New 3DS review

To go with your analogue that is new stick a set of additional neck buttons, placing the much-berated Circle Pad Pro accessory out of the work. Thank goodness, it had been unsightly as sin. Meanwhile, the brand new ZL and ZR buttons sit hand and hand using the shoulder that is old, making Nintendo’s handheld finally feel complete.


But there’s more; the button that is wireless now gone, the commencement and choose buttons both remainder underneath the reality buttons, the amount slider sits regarding the left-hand part associated with the top display screen, therefore the energy key has shifted towards the base right associated with the unit. That last one could very well be my only niggle using the brand new visual than it should be.

New 3DS review

Switching up the design isn’t the only reason for changing the faceplates on the New 3DS – both the battery and MicroSD card lie beneath as it makes turning the console on and off a tad more awkward. The reality you’ll need a screwdriver to improve an sdcard in 2015 is, within my eyes, a design flaw – especially if you think about exactly how quickly those cards fill up.

But that’s not the strangest choice Nintendo has made regarding the New 3DS. No, the strangest choice would be to perhaps not incorporate a charger using the system. I assume the presumption is the fact that many purchasers will undoubtedly be upgraders from a mature 3DS, but think about everyone?


These days it is thought that any device perhaps not operating on AA batteries will probably have some kind of charger into the field, and I also think you can find likely to be far more disappointed individuals than Nintendo anticipates.

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