Nielsen steps up its tracking of digital gaming and esports

It evidently gets its digital product sales figures by analyzing purchasers’ behavior, unlike NDP, which gets its figures directly from writers. Still, it examines the investing behavior of 160 million digital gamers throughout the world, so that the purchase will giveNielsen still the edge it needs to be able to compete in the space. For …

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Oculus Rift

Update: Oculus Rift now requires Windows 10 to operate new and future features and apps. The headset nevertheless supports Windows 7 and 8.1, therefore users with those systems can continue steadily to play games that are existing but come time for new releases, they could be out of luck.  Oculus noted the reasons for this …

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PS Vita

PS Vita

[Update: There have been plenty of rumours of the Playstation Vita’s demise, with Sony itself planning to remove PS Vita titles from their monthly lineup of free PS Plus games, and physical cartridge production being shut down. The console is also reportedly being discontinued in Spain, and it’s hard not to imagine other territories following …

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Sony PS4 (Slim)

Even with the 4K-enabled PS4 Pro now available on the market, Sony’s unique PS4 stays an incredible video video games console, particularly now that it has been shrunk all the way down to a considerably slimmer kind issue.  Not solely is that this PS4 mannequin extra compact than the unique PS4, it is cheaper too. …

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The C64 Mini

If you was raised within the very early to mid 1980s, odds are you know) had a Commodore 64 computer that you(or someone. Not only was it one of the first machines on the gaming scene, it was one of the mainstream that is first computer systems, duration.  Along with the capacity to stock up …

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PS4 Pro

It could be couple of years following the PlayStation 4 Pro first launched, but Sony’s premium system remains quite simple to suggest if you are not used to video gaming. It faces some competition that is stiff of course – primarily from Microsoft’s Xbox One X, which packs in significantly more power under the hood, …

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Nintendo DS

Where all of it began. In many ways, the Nintendo DS had been a normal development of its selection of GameBoy handhelds; in other people, it arrived totally from the field that is left. Below is our review for the original DS model, released in 2004. For something more recent in the world of handheld …

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Nintendo DSi

The third iteration of this Nintendo DS, 2008’s DSi made an intelligent move towards connectivity that forged the way in which for the system’s growing user base that is global. Gamers looking for the latest models may want to check our pages out for the Nintendo 2DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL, but otherwise continue …

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Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo started its trend of ‘extra-large’ DS models utilizing the DSi XL right back in 2010, switching an currently amazing portable system right into a bigger, smarter, more iteration that is accessible. The 2DS XL and 3DS XL live on as its successors today, though we’ve kept our original impression of the impressive DSi XL …

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